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Ashley & Dustin, Dallas Tx

These two were full of laughs! They saw my work from another Dallas wedding and the rest is history. The instant we met it felt like we were already best friends. They were goofy, fun, and so in love. Their wedding was just beautiful.

Noah & Katie Lake Tahoe CA

These two stole my heart. We had done a photoshoot a few months before this to celebrate them buying their first home. They wanted some nice photos to hang up. The chemistry between them is something you see in movies. After their first shoot Noah contacted me to set up a surprise engagement shoot. I cried, they definitely cried and well you might cry too after looking through this album. They are the sweetest couple full of love.

Cherie & Christian Kauai

This elopement was a crazy one and I loved every second. You really cant go wrong in Kauai, everywhere is photogenic! Cherie and Christian were so easy going and down to earth. The sunset portraits were amazing and so fun to capture. It was hard not to post all 500 of them!

Morgan & Jeremy reno NV

These two were just full of sass. They were raw and passionate from the very first second until the last. They decided to do a quick winter elopement with their closest friends and family and I was blessed to be able to capture it!

Lupe & Mel Donner Lake CA

Can you say fun and adventurous? Because Lupe & Mel sure can. These two braved the snow and freezing cold wind for this engagement shoot and we had the most amazing time. Their wedding is set for December of 2019 and I can hardly wait!!

Collin & Emily Truckee CA

This freshly engaged couple was full of excitement! They found me through Instagram and we connected instantly! They might hold the record for booking me with only 4 text messages! We set this shoot up shortly after meeting and it was a blast. They were so easy going and naturals in front of the camera. I cannot wait for their 2020 wedding!

Alex & Justin Dallas TX

These two might be the silliest couple I’ve ever met. They are thoroughly obsessed with The Office (I mean who can blame them), they have the cutest weenie dog who was of course a bridesmaid, and the groom played mission impossible music when he retrieved the brides garter! They had me laughing and crying the whole day. If I could do this wedding all over again just for the fun, I would.

Kayla & Jeremy Washoe Lake NV

These two wanted a rustic sage brush feel for their engagement shoot so we set out among the hills and had some fun. They were both quiet and reserved at first but quickly warmed up and I got to see their silly and loving nature. I just recently captured their elopement and will be posting that soon!


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I try to only book between 20-25 weddings per season. That being said, it would be pretty tough to post every wedding on my webpage. Trust me, I tried! To see a more holistic view of my work please check out my instagram or my blog! It is much easier to stay current with and allows me the freedom to post all kinds of photoshoots.