A Glimpse Into My Life

There probably is no better picture to sum me up than this one. I always have some sort of crazy hairstyle and I ALWAYS have my tea. If you’ve made it this far on my page then you probably want to know the nitty gritty about how I got to become a wedding photographer. Well I got my first camera in 2012. I started as a blogger and photographed things relevant to my page like books, food, and all things travel. I began my journey into the world of weddings, engagements, and special moments a few years ago. It has been such a beautiful transition. My wonderful husband (see the dashing photo below) sparked this passion of mine and together we have watched it blossom. I get to witness and capture the most beautiful things in life. It truly doesn't get any better than that. 

Some of my favorite things in this life are reading, writing, and traveling. I have a wild imagination and I think that’s why I fell in love with photography. I truly connect with the people I capture and I do my best to tell their love story through my work. As a person, I am entranced by all things beauty. I look for it in my books, I love to write about it but most of all I love to photograph it. The laugh that made you cry, the embrace of the one you love, and the shape you create together are a few of the most beautiful things I strive to capture. I take pride in working hard to make sure each and every story unfolds genuinely and full of raw beauty.

The most amazing part about my journey is that I get to work with my husband for a majority of our weddings. He does videography and I of course do all of the photos. Learning to work together has been absolutely amazing. We have a way of knowing exactly what to do without having to discuss or plan things. Davey is a natural and i’ve been so blessed to learn from him and constantly grown in my creativity next to him. If you haven’t checked out his work you should!

What a good lookin man i’ve got

What a good lookin man i’ve got