Winter Engagements

I truly have no idea if I like winter photos or summer photos more. I think that means they must both be pretty dang great! Here in Nevada we are so blessed to be right next to some of the most gorgeous lakes in the world. This engagement shoot was done at Donner Lake and it was an absolute blast.

Meet Lupe and Mel:

Engagement photo
winter engagements
Wedding Photo
Donner Lake

I met with Lupe & Mel to chat about their wedding and potentially working with them to capture their special day. We instantly clicked and by the end of the meeting contracts were signed, engagement session booked, and a December wedding was added to the calendar! I love getting to meet with my clients or future clients. It really allows a genuine bond to be formed.

These two threw on their second outfit and from there it was all the fun. They had to brave a wall of snow that was taller than Lupe and they did it with smiles on their faces. Life is about being adventurous

Winter photoshoot
donner lake engagement

If you’d like to chat about your wedding or setting up a photoshoot please reach out to me via my contact page! I would love to connect with you!