I'm Pretty Sure This Bride Is Half Wonder Woman

Okay, so for starters every bride has some type of superhuman power because planning a wedding is STRESSFUL. That being said, this particular bride might not even be human. She pulled off a last minute winter wedding and a huge surprise announcement.

boho bride
bride with a crown
prep shot

Originally our superhero, Morgan, was set to get married in July 2019, but one day in February I got a text message asking if there was any way I could do their wedding in March instead. We met for coffee ASAP and got all of the details nailed down. As it turns out, they were surprised to find out they had a little bun in the oven and decided to move the wedding date up so that it wasn’t so close to the due date! Which means this super woman had to handle her first trimester while planning a last minute wedding and scheduling plane tickets, hotels and rides to get all of the family in town.

wedding portraits
Boho bride

Their wedding went through without the smallest hitch. The weather held up, all of the family was able to make it, and Morgan & Jeremy were able to announce their pregnancy to all of their loved ones. I am so happy I got to share this special day with them!

wedding photo

I am so so excited for these two and cannot wait to meet their baby girl. Good luck Jeremy, you’re officially outnumbered!!