The cutest London Lovers

So my husband and I met Richy through instagram about 5 years ago! Back then Richy was a single fellow spending his time learning the art of photography. We got to watch him grow through his passion and meet Jess, the love of his life. This week we were able to fly to England to capture their special day. Congratulations to the happy couple!!!


We absolutely fell in love with England and cannot wait to come back and visit. Best wishes to Richy and Jess!!! May your marriage be strong and may you always remember to be best friends first.

P.S. I’m predicting a baby within the 1st year…..lets see


Anywho, While we were in London we of course had to do a little bit of sightseeing! The London Tower Bridge BLEW my mind. I had no idea it was so massive! It was for sure my favorite place we saw! I mean it was so great we had to see it for sunrise and sunset…..looks amazing in both lights. Also, my husband is a real looker I tell ya.


We also go to hang out with the queen (okay not really but I sat in front of her house so we are basically best friends), visit St. Paul’s Cathedral, Westminster Abby and the London Eye. So stinkin cool.


The best way to get around London is the Metro. I highly recommend getting an Oyster card. It is so simple to use and convenient. You can add more funds to it at any station or download the app.

Megan Hibler