Wedding Timeline Necessities

Let’s just get right to it because this one is important. So you’ve gotten engaged, you’ve booked all your vendors, invitations are mailed and now wait….we need to set up a timeline. Too many times this is how it goes. The excited couple picks a time for the ceremony to hurry and get those invitations out but doesn’t stop to consider a couple important things first!

1.) Are you doing a first look?

This is something that is unique to each couple. It’s totally up to you if you and your soon to be spouse want to have an intimate moment together before the ceremony OR if you want to share that intimacy with your friends and family with a big reveal down the aisle.

The reason this is important for photography is because of timing. If you are doing a first look then I would want to do most of the portraits before the wedding ceremony. Doing most of the portraits before the ceremony leaves the couple some more freedom and time with their guests after the ceremony. Depending on how many are in your bridal party and family, it also severely decreases the amount of wait time for your guests while we are doing photos, also something to consider.


Lighting, lighting and more lighting! I cannot stress this enough. It is extremely important to go to your venue before setting your timeline and take a look at the sun throughout the day. If there is a shaded outdoor spot for your ceremony you should most definitely take it! If not, I high recommend checking the date of your wedding to see what time sunset is and ask your photographer what they would want to be able to capture the best images. The sunlight is HARSH. It is usually very unflattering on skin tones and it creates a lot of shadows, something that is impossible to edit out. Out door weddings are absolutely gorgeous but take some time to do your research about the best lighting.

kauai wedding photo
beach wedding elopement

3.) Do your best to give everything a grace window!

Let’s be real, weddings are never on time. It helps to schedule in some room for error because things happen. Having some extra time in there will seriously pay off and alleviate so much stress! Brides, do not be hesitant to give your bridesmaids some responsibility! Also, don’t be nervous to double and triple check your vendors and their time of arrival. Any vendor will be happy to make sure you’re happy and well taken care of!

As always, please email me for more tips or questions. I would love to help!